Mobility Scooter/Shopper SCOUT Mobility Scooter

Ater great demand we are pleased to announce that we now stock Mobility Scooters for SALE and also for HIRE.

We currently have available the Scout 20amp scooter which has many features which are only normally found on larger scooters. A 'mini-scooter' the Scout, now includes Delta Bars as standard, it also features the next generation Drive splitting mechanism.


More features include:-

   * Top speed of 4mph 

   * Maximum range of 13 miles on full battery charge (weight dependent)

   * Comfortable lightweight seat swivels 360deg for easy  transfers  on 

     and off the scooter

   * Removable battery pack with easy carry handle & locking  mechanism

   * On board and in-house charging as standard

   * Automatic electromagnetic brake system

   * Height  adjustable seat to suit user comfort requirements

   * Delta bars as standard

   * Easy to change body panels

   * Weight capacity up to 120kg (19st)

   * Batteries included as standard


Contact us for more details on the full range of Mobility Scooters we have available.

- WHEELCHAIRS -        


There are a wide range of wheelchairs available whether you are looking for a lightweight model, heavyweight model, folding or non-folding and are designed to maintain independence for the user. 


Designs vary from Manual Self-Propelled wheelchairs to Manual Attendant Propelled wheelchairs or Power Chairs to Mobility Scooters.


Our range of popular wheelchairs are all supplied from reputable companies and manufactured to a high standard giving peace of mind.




3 or 4 Wheeled Rollators are walkers with a wheel at the bottom of each leg. They are height adjustable and come in a choice of colours and designs. 

They assist people who have limited mobility and are easy to use and available in either lightweight alluminium or heavy duty steel.


Rollators are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and easy to manage due to their compact size and are easy to fold making them ideal when in use and for storage.


The standard 4 Wheeled Rollator has a sturdy back rest and seat with added storage space underneath whereas the Diamond 4 Wheeled Rollator has a soft, durable mesh back rest and seat with a removable storage bag. 


The 3 Wheeled Rollators are available with a storage bag and the option of a basket which can double up as a tray. Both are removable and this makes them practical as well as versatile. 



Household Trolleys have been designed to provide assistance around the home. They can be used to help transport small items from one room to another or used as a temporary table. The height adjustable feature makes them suitable for tall or small users and the trolley frames are made from steel so are sturdy and strong. The two plastic trays are easy to clean and are removable. The bottom tray is set forward making it easy and safe to walk with and this enables the top tray to be used as a temporary table while in use. The angled handles help to improve grip and stability and the 4 large castors help with easy manoeuverabilty. The trolley is also easy to assemble using no tools.



The overbed table has a laminated teak top and two independent points for adjusting the height, which allows the top to be angled. Rails on the sides of the table top prevent items from slipping off. Available with or without castors.

Maximum load 10kg. Height adjustment 610 to 910mm (24 to 36"). Table top size 610×400mm (24×15¾")


For more details contact us on 01626 888085 or pop into our High Street shop.



Perching Stools can be used by anyone with limited mobility and can be used in the kitchen and/or the dry part of a bathroom.

They are available in different designs and the back, seat and arms determines the amount of support provided and the stability, weight capacity of the user, actual weight of the stool and the height adjustable feature varies with different models. A sloped seat provides the user to perch in a semi-seated posture which is ideal for use at kitchen worktops or when ironing, etc. All Perching Stools are fitted with non-slip ferrules for added safety.



Toilet Frames and Commodes provide practical assistance for anyone who has difficulty accessing toilet facilities easily and safely.

A practical addition to any household they are comfortable, discrete and stylish. With a wide range of designs, features, traditional or modern, with or without arms, standard or extra wide, wheeled and height adjustable options, you will find a commode that suits your needs.