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  • Cutlery range for people with a weak grip that helps them eat independently
  • Helpful for people after a stroke or who have arthritis
  • Dishwasher safe silverware makes cleaning easy
  • Available with ivory or black handles
  • Assorted dining aid options to fit your self-feeding needs

Homecraft Caring Cutlery Set

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  • Homecraft Caring Cutlery

    Designed for people with a weak grasp and restricted wrist or finger movement. All forks and knives have a shaped indent on top of the handle for the index finger, to help with directional control. To make cutting easier, the knives have a serrated blade. Angled silverware makes getting food into your mouth easier for people with limited wrist movement. The retail packed set includes a fork, knife, spoon, and teaspoon.

    The Homecraft Caring Cutlery range is a set of stainless steel utensils moulded into contoured, plastic handles with built up ends. It’s a useful dining tool for the elderly and people with disabilities. The handles are 127 mm (5”) long with a diameter of 15-16 mm (0.6”-0.63”). The silverware is hygienically sealed and easy to clean in your dishwasher.


    Silverware handles come in two colours, black or ivory.

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