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  • Helps improve hand dexterity, strengthens grip, and aids in the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Designed to provide resistance training for users of all ages in a variety of personal and professional environments
  • Simple and effective hand therapy tool to rebuild strength in the fingers, hand, and wrists
  • Round size, measuring 50mm in diameter, of the gel exercise ball fits comfortably in the palm of users’ hands
  • Available in various resistance sizes, extra soft to extra firm, and in a set of all five levels of resistance


Resistance Options:


  • Blue - Soft Resistance
  • Green - Medium Resistance
  • Orange - Firm Resistance
  • Black - Extra Firm Resistance

Gel Ball Hand Exerciser

Colour Options:
  • Resistance Hand Exerciser for Rehabilitation

    Gel Ball Hand Exerciser is a resistance training aid for strengthening, conditioning, and rehabilitating the hands, fingers, and forearm muscles. Designed for personal and/or professional use at home, clinics, rehab facilities, physical and occupational therapy offices, and on the road. Ideal for rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, guitarists, pianists, and athletes of all sports to increase grip strength.

    Colour-Coded Levels of Resistance

    Available in colour-coded resistance levels, choose the level most appropriate for strengthening your upper extremity muscles. These resistance trainers are available in levels ranging from extra soft to extra firm. Gel Ball Hand Exercisers are also an effective tool in relieving stress. Individuals suffering from tendon injury, tennis elbow and nerve lacerations also benefit from using the gel balls. The colour-coded gel balls allow users to be able to witness strength increase with the varying levels of resistance.

    Designed to Increase Grip Strength

    Constructed of TPR material, the non-stick, textured surface can be easily wiped clean after use. These training gel balls are soft to touch and return back to their original shape after being squeezed and manipulated during use. The design is great for patients of all ages, fitting comfortably in most users’ hands.

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