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  • Handy Reachers 24" - 36"
  • Robust reaching device to assist users with limited mobility
  • Features a rotating head that makes grabbing objects of different shapes easy
  • Operated with an easy-to-pull trigger that uses all four fingers
  • Tipped with a magnet to grab metal objects more easily
  • For individuals after lower body injuries or surgeries
  • Available in 4 lengths - 24" 26" 30" 36"

Handy Reachers 24" - 36"

  • Handi-Reacher

    This reaching device is an improved reacher with a rotating head and magnet tip. The moving jaw is contoured and rotates to grip nearly any object. It is ideal for anyone with limited mobility or range of motion. It’s easy to operate for anyone, especially users with hand and wrist injuries. The rotating head keeps users from twisting their wrists in painful ways while the handle has four finger grooves, instead of the standard two, for extra grip force.

    Recovery Aid

    Recovering from low body surgeries like hip replacements or ACL repairs can greatly reduce your ability to move and reach objects on a day-to-day basis. This reacher is perfect for maintaining as much daily functionality as possible. The large handle is also great for anyone with limited hand strength.


    Description Length Weight

    • 091114339 Standard 61 cm (24") 
    • 091114388 Long 76 cm (30") 
    • 091114420 Extra Long 90 cm (36") 
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