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  • Homecraft Caring Mug
  • Features two handles for easy gripping
  • Built with a wide base for extra stability
  • Designed for individuals with hand tremors or users who struggle to sit upright
  • Microwave/dishwasher safe
  • Capacity of 300 ml
  • Weight: 176g

Homecraft Caring Mug

  • Homecraft Caring Mug

    This cup is designed to make drinking easy and simple for users of all ages. Two handles ensure that when the cup is held it is in proper drinking position. It is the perfect cup for anyone who struggles to drink liquids without creating messes or spilling.

    Spill-Free Drinking

    Homecraft Caring Mugs is designed to keep users from making messes. A wide base design is harder to knock over than standard mugs and features extra stability. The handles are counted to fit the shape of hands for improved grip.

    Disabilities Assistance

    Caring Mugs are ideal for elderly, handicapped, and disabled users. Two lids are available with a large and a small opening. This allows you to control the amount of liquid that is poured at once.

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