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  • Incurve Plate Surround
  • Plate guard for keeping food on the plate and preventing spillages
  • Can be used to assist in one-handed eating
  • Helps move food onto forks and spoons when eating
  • Fits plates with a diameter of 19cm to 25.4cm and weighs 45g
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Clour: White

Incurve Plate Surround

  • This Homecraft kitchen accessory is designed to make eating easy and mess-free. The small wall is made to prevent users from knocking food off of the plate. It is great at keeping food on the plate for children or elderly individuals.

    Assisted Eating and Disability Assistance:

    This kitchen aid is ideal for persons with limited or no use of one hand. It allows users to push food onto a fork or spoon with the help of the plate surround. This VAT eligible product is perfect for individuals with disabilities.

    Clean Eating:

    The Homecraft Incurve Plate Surround is also a great tool for children to use while eating. Kids are great at making messes and not so good at keeping all of the food on the plate. This dining aid puts a small wall around the plate to make sure food stays on so children can eat mess-free.

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