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  • Made from a pliable, waterproof PVC/nylon mesh that is spacious and slip resistant
  • Waterproof cast cover seels closed with a neoprene band
  • Features an antimicrobial treatment that protects against bacterial and fungal build-up
  • Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds
  • Made with non-latex materials

Limbo Waterproof Half Arm Protection - Slim Build

  • Cast and Dressing Protectors

    These cast sleeves create a seal at the entry point of the arm or leg to lock out water. This allows users to shower while wearing a cast and not worry about water build-up on the inside of the cast. They are easy to apply and can be fully submerged in water. This makes them ideal for wearing in the shower or bath.

    Clean and Safe Casts

    Maintaining a hygienic cast is important for skin health and a safe recovery. This cast protector prevents water from getting in to reduce the risk of bacteria and fungus growing inside. It easily slips over any cast and seals instantly with the waterproof neoprene band.


    Injuries that require a cast are bad enough. Don’t make it worse with uncomfortable cast sleeves that leak. These Cast and Dressing Protectors are made from PVC/nylon mesh that is spacious and slip resistant. They are reusable for up to eight weeks with normal use.

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