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  • Medicollar Neck Brace
  • Shaped lightweight collar is very comfortable and is suitable for minor neck injuries.
  • Lightweight and comfortable collar that provides excellent support for the head and neck when minor injuries or pain occurs
  • Neck support collar is ideal for pain relief and support for minor neck injuries, whiplash, trauma, and pain associated with the neck and head
  • Designed for added comfort, the collar is shaped to provide a comfortable support for the user
  • Helps to limit the movement of the head whilst assisting in the support and control of the head and chin after an injury.Which size do I need? Measure depth from underneath ear to collar bone and measure length around the neck.
  • Material; Polyurethane - 42%, Polyester - 28%, Cotton - 15%, Nylon - 10%, Vinyl - 5%

Medicollar Neck Brace

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