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  • Mens Sleep Socks
  • Drew Brady Mens Thermal Sleep Socks
  • Brushed inside for extra warmth
  • Soft and gentle welted top for comfort
  • Special blended fibres to stop heat loss
  • Helps aid a restful & natural nights sleep
  • Material: 90% acrylic 10% nylon.
  • Colour options: Black or Navy
  • Size: U.K. 6-11
  • Machine washable.

Mens Sleep Socks

Colour Options:
  • Almost everyone experiences insomnia or sleeplessness at some point in their lives. Studies have shown that there are many factors that contribute to the restlessness and frustrating state, one of them being cold feet.

    Warm feet help to main good blood circulation which encourages your body's natural thermoregulation - paramount for those essential 8 hours of sleep.

    Sleep socks will help you along the path to a much needed good night's rest. These thermal socks are made from special high bulk, acrylic yarn which is then brushed on the inside, this not only gives them a soft, comfortable feel but also traps air, making them much warmer.

    Next time it's late and all you want is to sleep, slip on these sleep socks and snooze!

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