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Nitro SL Super Lightweight Rollator


The Nitro SL rollator is the lightest aluminum rollator in this price range. With a weight of only 5.2 kg, this is a model that you will want to use when you are on the road a lot and, for example, have to lift the rollator in and out of the car a lot....

The extra low weight of the Nitro SL rollator makes it easier to go out again. With a weight of only 5.2kg and a simple folding system, you can easily take this model with you in the car, for example. The convenience of the Nitro SL rollator expands your social circle and world.

During a walk there is the opportunity to relax for a while. The wide seat and back support provide you with the support you want while sitting on the Nitro SL rollator. You are also provided with comfort while walking, for example the Nitro SL is equipped with a sidewalk aid on both sides. This makes bridging unevenness a lot easier and requires less force.

Why should you choose the Nitro SL rollator?
✓ Extremely low weight
The most unique thing about the Nitro SL rollator is its extremely low weight. Despite the use of aluminum, this rollator is lighter than most carbon rollators. The weight of this model is 5.2 kg.

✓ Comfortable sitting
To increase the comfort of the Nitro SL rollator, the width of the seat is 46 cm. This gives you a spacious seat, which ensures that you are not tight or stuck between the rollator. The rollator is also equipped with a back support. The back support, which can be adjusted to height, provides you with sufficient support to relax.

✓ Easy to fold
If you are looking for a walker that is easy to fold, the Nitro SL is a perfect choice. By pulling up the loop at the seat, the rollator collapses, making it easy to lift into the car, for example. This simple system increases your mobility.

✓ Completely equipped as standard
The rollator is fully equipped as standard to provide you with every comfort. For example, the Nitro SL rollator is equipped with a double braking function, which allows you to brake while walking or put the brakes on the rollator to sit safely. A sidewalk aid is mounted at the rear wheels and the Nitro SL is also supplied with a stick holder and a back support.

Nitro SL Super Lightweight Rollator


    • Brand: Drive Medical
    • Max. user weight: 136 kg
    • Recommended user height: 1.65 to 1.85m
    • Length: 720mm
    • Width: 640mm
    • Handle height: 830 - 930mm
    • Seat depth: 200mm
    • Seat width: 460mm
    • Seat height: 560mm
    • Folded length: 720mm
    • Folded width: 270mm
    • Folded height: 830 - 930mm
    • Weight: 5.2kg
    • Seat:
    • Stick holder:
    • Back support:
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