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  • Wrist Support Strap
  • Elasticated cotton wrist support
  • Aluminium insert for stability for full support of the joint
  • Applies compression to the wrist to relieve joint pain
  • Adds strength to weak wrist
  • Ideal for minor sprains or strains
  • The Elastic Wrist Support is available in Left or Right in the following sizes (measure wrist circumference to choose the correct size):

    Small – 17cm
    Medium – 19cm
    Large – 21cm

Wrist Support Strap

Colour Options:: Black
  • If you’re recovering from a wrist injury or you experience pain due to arthritis, this wrist support could offer you the relief you need.

    Made from elasticated cotton, the wrist support is breathable, lightweight and washable but strong enough that it will apply enough pressure to support and compress the muscles and joints. An aluminium insert runs right the way up the support; this helps to keep the wrist as straight as possible which is important when recovery from injury. However since the material is stretchy you will still be able to flex your wrist up to 30 degrees.

    Compression therapy helps to alleviate swelling, improve flexibility and increase blood flow to relieve wrist pain and encourage healing. The velcro fastening on this support allows you to make it as tight as you need for optimum comfort and support, and there is an extra wrap-around wrist strap that prevents the support from riding up the arm.

    This support will not retain heat or moisture so it’s really comfortable to wear all day and night if you need to. The velcro fastening means its really easy to put on and remove with one hand, and it also allows you to adjust the tightness to achieve the level of support you need.

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