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  • Single Memory Foam Ring Cushion
  • Seat cushion relieves pain and eases sitting discomfort due to a range of medical conditions
  • Constructed with an open center to provide optimal relief and comfort
  • Pressure relief cushion provides an extra layer of protection and a greater level of hygiene
  • Available either with or without a flame retardant, cotton cover for versatile use
  • Beneficial to individuals after childbirth or surgery and those with hemorrhoids or an injured coccyx
  • Replacement covers sold separately


Single Memory Foam Ring Cushion

  • Pressure Relief for Prolonged Sitting

    Constructed to mould to the contours of the body, the Dunlopillo Ring Cushion reduces painful pressure points. This helps provide support while offering a comfortable seating option. The ring cushion reduces pressure on the buttocks and lower back, specifically the tailbone, offering tension-free seating for a longer duration of time.

    Cushion Suitable for Travelling

    The Dunlopillo Ring Cushion enhances the comfort of any seating surface from the office chair to the car to the chair at home. Suitable for travel, the seat cushion evenly distributes weight helping to prevent stress on the lower extremities. The external diameter of the cushion measures 432 mm (17”) whereas the internal diameter measures 127 mm (5”).

    Optional Cover for Optimum Protection

    The ring cushion is designed using flame retardant, bacteriostatic, latex foam. Option for optimum breathability and protection, a cotton cover can be purchased separately. It is also materialized from flame retardant cotton. This cover has dimensions 475 mm x 500 mm (18 ¾” x 19 ¾").

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