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  • Wheelchair Transport Cover
  • Made from hardwearing 600 denier nylon
  • Heavy duty webbing for strength and support
  • Zipped cover for complete security
  • Fits a centrally folded wheelchair
  • Can be carried over the shoulder
  • Length: 1080mm (42.5")
  • Height: 1000mm (39")
  • Width: 380mm (15")

Wheelchair Transport Cover

  • Wheelchair Transport Cover.

    The Wheelchair Transport Cover is an excellent wheelchair travel bag that allows the user to protect their wheelchair and also transport it. Made from hardwearing 600 denier nylon, it is incredibly durable standing up to frequent, everyday use and has two heavy duty webbings for further strength and support. The cover is zipped at the top and designed to fit a centrally folded wheelchair ready for carrying whilst also guarding it against damage. 

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